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Welcome To Go Fish Farm

Gofish is born to let people in Bangalore buy fresh fish online. We are not only delivering fish but supply fish cultivated by us with high focus on quality and hygiene. Now buy your favourite fish online and get fresh unfrozen fish at your home. Gofish delivers fresh fish harvested after you place an order. Pick the fish you love from rohu, pomfret, basa, catla, carp, tilapia, murrel, and other varieties.

Get rid of all botheration of visiting chaotic fish markets and cleaning fish. Get fresh and ready-to-cook fish your hands within 3 to 4 hours after your order. It is simple to plan a fish meal any day as we have simplified the process of buying and cleaning fish.

Buying fresh fish in Bangalore is tricky as in other regions. Markets are messy and crowded or located far away. The shops sell only frozen fish that use chemicals or preservatives for storing. Stored fish does not taste as good as fresh fish. Even if you buy fish looking at its appearance, it turns out to be stale or bad. Our online fresh fish store is established with the aim of providing only fresh and chemical free fish harvested just after our order. Likewise physical markets, the quality and freshness of the fist at are not questionable.

Since we are committed to helping you eat only fresh and healthy food, we do not leave any gap. We strive to eliminate all the difficulties of stopping people in Bangalore from buying fish. Apart from the buying process, cleaning the fish is yet another tricky job. You need to have good skill in cleaning the fish properly. Cleaning fish is also a time-taking task and can be tiring when you are buying with other chores. Gofish knows all the ins and outs of preparing a fish meal. Hence, we also deliver fish cut into pieces. As per customers‛ order, we arrange fish as a whole or cut or as frillets.

Plan a nutritious fish meal for your family anytime you want to. Fish is abundant in protein and other essential nutrients. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to fish. Our online fish ordering in Bangalore presents the most nutritious varieties of fishes. provides excellent online ordering with secure payment and friendly shopping website. Trained staff, multiple payment options, and guaranteed product delivery further enhance the convenience of our buyers. With the help of our trained delivery professionals, we reach fresh seafood in all the regions of the city. Being local e-commerce of fresh fish, we know all the popular choice of the people. Our customers experience the joy of freshness as they enjoy relishing fish recipes.

Though the fishing business is as old as mankind, our innovative ways of selling have brought tremendous changes. People today are not only aware of the quality but also about the quality of the sources. Many contaminated water bodies are not great grounds for the growth of healthy seafood. We cultivate fish professionally in monitored water bodies, and let you enjoy the full health benefits of seafood. Gofish feels proud to have hundreds of happy customers in Bangalore who love the incredible taste and health benefits of fresh seafood.

What Customers Are Saying.

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I am a GoFish regular now, purchasing 3 weeks in a row and I must say that this is the best freshwater fish I have had in Bangalore. Tilapia and Black Pomfret both are excellent in taste and they just melt in the mouth. And the packaging is also neat and clean. To me, it's 10/10.

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For the first time I ordered Tilapia from GOFish, well to my surprise it was very fresh and properly cleaned and ready to cook. I think what I loved about it, was the freshness. Thank you and please keep up the same.

Dr Shamla Medhar
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Truly fresh fish. No foul smell and we can really feel the freshness. The fish is home delivered with some great packaging. Tilapia is my personal favourite, while their Basa and Pomfret are serve a feast too. Just GoOrder at GoFish - it's the fresh most fish around...!

Ravindra V
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Wow !! What an experience .... from placing the order to receiving the delivery ...... and the fun of eating fresh fish straight from the fresh water ...... the taste was indeed so so refreshing ...... I had forgotten in so many years what the fresh fish taste like . Thankyou Gofish for this unique concept of delivering fish straight from the farm . Loved it !!!!!! Waiting to order again . Highly recommended to all fish lovers . Just go for it .... you don’t even know what you are missing.

Nirupma Singh
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I had very good experience from the time of ordering till the fish was delivered to us. The fish is so fresh and v have not had such fresh fish in our near future. Actually, v had stopped consuming fish after hearing that some poisonous chemicals being used to store the fish fresh. On hearing about Gofish thought of trying it. There's not even a bit of smell in it. It's very very tasty. All of us at home are really very happy to have such fresh fish from gofish. Thanks a lot for harvesting such good fishes. All the best to u and your team for harvesting more and more varieties of fish.

Vanaja Niranjan
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Really like the quality and taste! Fresh out of the water and no chemicals! Appreciate the effort and enthusiasm of the team! Mr.Jagdish took us around and explained the whole process of growing them and what it takes to keep them healthy.. for a fish lover like me ..It was a delight..Thank you Jagdish and team! Keep up the good work!

Roshan Lal

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Indigofish Eco Farms Pvt Ltd.
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