Buy Fresh Fish Online in Bangalore

Buy Fresh Fish Online in Bangalore

Connoisseurs of seafood often find it difficult to find fresh fish. Buying good quality seafood is not simple. eliminates this problem by providing fresh fish upon online booking. With online shoppers increasing day by day, we are glad to make home delivery of seafood in Bangalore.

At, users can order from a variety of fish available for sale. We harvest freshwater fishes as soon as we receive your order. The fishes are harvested upon short notice and sent within 3 to 4 hours. Customers can choose the fish they want to order and we will deliver right at the doorsteps.

Fresh Fish Home Delivery in Bangalore

Fish lovers generally buy fish in volume and stock in the refrigerator. Not all of us have quick availability of fish in the nearby region. Due to this we buy fish and store to use for a few days. With, seafood lovers do not need to rely on stored fish. Order fresh fish any day you want to cook fish in your home or for your guests. is a reliable place to buy fresh fish online in Bangalore. Buying fish requires skills and hence bit tricky. It is difficult to identify which fish is fresh or stale. At our portal, customers get guaranteed delivery of fresh fish neatly cleaned and packed. Visitors can place an order for salmon, rohu, hilsa, and other varieties. Our online fish delivery store has a secure payment mechanism that allows customers to pay online. We also offer other payment options including cash on delivery.

Online Fish Shop in Bangalore

If you are looking for fish shops near you, call us or buy fish online from in Bangalore. No hassles of going out on the crowded markets to buy fish and other seafood. Many fish lovers avoid having fish due to unavailability and chemicals used in preservation. Preserved, tinned, and frozen fishes are laced with chemicals and preservatives. This robs essential nutrients from the food. As we harvest fish only after receiving your order, you are sure to get chemical-free fresh fish loaded with its original flavour.

Delivering fresh fish at home with online order is revolutionary and we are proud to make it possible. This means, customers receive fresh fish without being iced or frozen or processed. No stress of consuming harmful preservatives with the seafood.

You do not need to compromise on quality and availability of fish in your locality. Order fish online in Bangalore with and get fresh fish delivered at your doorsteps. With us, buyers actually know the source of the food they are consuming. is an independent seafood start-up dedicated to making fresh fish available easily. We are determined to give a wonderful experience to people in Bangalore about having seafood. With farm fresh fish just harvested upon your order, it is fun to cook and consume the meal. You can give a gala seafood meal to your friends or family at any time. Our fresh fish delivery let the families in Bangalore enjoy awesome fish recipes.

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