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What is GoFish?

GoFish is a seafood company that sells fresh, responsibly raised and locally farmed seafood online and delivers it to your doorstep. This initiative not only aims at providing its customers with access to fresh fish harvested 3-4 hours before delivery, but also aims at responsibly raising these fish in an environment equipped with practices that are safe and eco-friendly. The best aquaculture practices are employed to ensure that the fishes that you consume are not only fresh but also healthy and free from all chemicals.

Where does GoFish Deliver?

At present GoFish delivers to a select number of locations in Bangalore. You can check if your address is serviceable here. We are working on increasing our reach and will soon deliver all over Bangalore.

What if I do not live in the serviceable areas? Can I still order?

Yes, you can. However, we will not be able to deliver it to you. You can choose to order the fresh fish at a friend’s place living in a serviceable area, or pick it up personally from us on Sunday or come join us for our fishing events which we organize on Saturdays and pick up your fresh fish then. You can also subscribe to us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to receive updates as and when we start servicing new areas.

How is GoFish eco-friendly?

Overfishing is a massive environmental issue which adversely affects marine life causing serious ecological imbalance. Read more about it here. GoFish raises its fishes right here in the city of Bangalore in a responsible eco-friendly manner. This reduces the burden on our waters bodies, which contributes towards protecting the environment.

What are the advantages of GoFish’s seafood over other seafood?

Gofish’s seafood is trustworthy and eco-friendly. You know where your seafood has been raised, you can be sure that your seafood is toxin-free and you are assured that it has been responsibly raised. Another advantage of GoFish’s seafood is that it is fresh and not frozen; neither do the fishes contain any preservatives. The fish that you order is harvested right before delivery and immediately a delivery person is dispatched, so you are assured of its freshness.

What is the seafood that is available?

At present, we offer Freshwater Black Pomfret, Red Tilapia, Nile tilapia, Grass Carp and Basa Fish. We are working hard to increase our selection. With your love and support, we will soon be able to offer you a wider range of fresh seafood.

How long does the seafood take to deliver? At what timings does GoFish deliver?

You can place your seafood order at any time from Monday to Saturday. We will deliver all the orders on the immediate Sunday between 9 AM 12 PM.

How many people will Tilapia serve?

Our smallest order of 350 grams will serve two people.

What do you mean by Harvested before Delivery and how is that beneficial?

At GoFish we always ensure that our customers receive seafood which is absolutely fresh. The fishes are alive until a couple of hours before they are delivered. The seafood is harvested right before delivery to ensure absolute freshness. Frozen and processed seafood is not the healthiest of options because it is not absolutely fresh and at times various chemicals are used to preserve the fish. This step of ours ensures that you get healthy, nutritious and fresh seafood that has neither been frozen, nor has any chemicals been used.

What do you mean by Responsibly Raised and how is that beneficial?

GoFish employs the best aquaculture practices to raise healthy, safe and toxin-free seafood without hurting the ecological balance. This ensures that the seafood on your plate is healthy, highly nutritious and free of any toxic elements. This model also helps maintain the ecological balance and makes you responsible seafood consumers.

What is Tilapia? What are the nutritional benefits of Tilapia?

Tilapia is a delicious, mild white fish that is low-fat, low in calories and full of essential amino acids. Since Tilapia is a lean and short-lived fish, they have lower levels of toxins like mercury than many other fish. Tilapia is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants and contains minerals like phosphorous. Read here about all the other benefits of Tilapia.

What makes GoFish the freshest seafood in town?

GoFish’s seafood is harvested only before the delivery. The seafood that the customer receives was alive just a few hours before. This ensures that the seafood is absolutely fresh.

Will the fish be cleaned and cut? Is that chargeable?

The fish is delivered after cleaning. In addition to this, you can also choose whether you want your fish to be cut into cubes, or with a diagonal slit on the fish or in the form of a curry cut. We do all this for you with no extra charge.

What are the environmental benefits to being a GoFish Consumer?

By consuming responsibly raised, locally farmed fish, GoFish consumers reduce the ecological damage due to overfishing and other unhealthy practices.

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