Delicious, Boneless Murrel now convinently delivered to your doorsteps

Have you ever got this closer to Rohu? Ready2Cook, Chemical free Rohu home delivered

Love for the Fishing, Learning & Fun Recreation for Kids @Bangalore

How GoFish ensure your fish is more safe for your family

Fish steak gets best w/ Black Pomfret delivered mins after harvested

Premiun Quality Fish means they are not frozen & safe to consume

Boneless Basa darling for all hassle-free fish eating people

Treat yourself w/ live Shrimp every weekend, door delivered over a call

Substitute to Chicken meat, here’s hormone free lean protein from Tilapia fish

Chemical free fresh Grass Carp fish home delivered conveniently w/o freezing

Lookalike Rohu that tastes equally good b’coz they aren’t frozen!

Lifeline for Bengali fish eaters bcoz Rohu is going to taste even better!

How world’s favourite Tilapia prevents bangaloreans from eating frozen fish

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