How it Works

It's as simple as if, you are living next to a river or a sea.
Anytime you plan for a fish meal, remember GoFish. Here is how?

When our customers place an order, the fish are harvested 3-4 hours before it reaches our customer’s doorstep. This means, that your fish are alive till your order is placed! This allows us to offer high quality unfrozen nutritious food to our esteemed customers without the usage of any preservatives. Studies have shown that the seafood sourced from water bodies such as lakes, rivers and seas have been found with high amount of toxins in it due to the large scale pollution of these water bodies with industrial chemicals and sewage. High mercury content has been found in fishes among various other harmful chemicals which have a host of harmful effects on the human body.

We are delighted to claim we are the first in the entire country to bring transparency to our customers in terms of where our seafood is sourced from and by providing our customers an opportunity to witness first hand, the life cycle management of the fishes until it is harvested and delivered to your doorstep.

  • Decide the fish (freshwater) you like to have.
  • Give us a short notice, we will harvest your fish,
  • Neatly clean and Pack it after processing, and
  • We will have it delivered fresh to your doorstep within 4 Hrs (max) after it is harvested.
Re-LIVE the experience....never worry of stocking your fish if you are in Bangalore.

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Where To Find Us

Indigofish Eco Farms Pvt Ltd.
Sy.No 383/2, Opposite to Aralimara bus stop,
Begur road, Begur

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