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Would you dare to eat a fish that has come from a Bellandur Lake or from any other waterbody that is equivalent to it? First place, how will you know it has not?

To make the matter worst, opaque seafood distribution makes it difficult to know the time (days/weeks) since fish is harvested or removed from the water. Longer the duration, higher the preservatives or harmful chemicals useage to minimize the loss.

Long Story Short

We know you and your family deserve the best. Every time you order. we promise to give you the fish (nutrition) that is Handpicked, Responsibly farmed, Source Traceable, and safe with uncompromised freshness and quality.
At GoFish, FRESH means, your fish is not frozen nor iced, never use any preservatives or chemicals.

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Indigofish Eco Farms Pvt Ltd.
Sy.No 383/2, Opposite to Aralimara bus stop,
Begur road, Begur

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